A Little Mammoth

  • 猛犸象由3D Max 完成设计,再由123Design 做成片图,AI打印输出矢量图,木板贴图手工研磨(也可用镭射剪切)。象牙,象鼻由切割机塑形,再由手工研磨,上底料图层、研磨,然后喷色。
    I designed the Mammoth Model with 3D Max, and made it as slices with 123 Design, than use AI to output the plan paper. 
    猛犸象主体由 1.5inch木板拼接做成,木板打孔中间由1/8inch直径木杆连接。象牙和象鼻由20 pound foam 做成。
    The body of the Mamoth was made by 1.5 inch thick wood, and no glue to adhere each other. The tusks and the trunk was made by 20 pound foam.