HiPhi 1 Exterior Design

  • The HiPhi 1 concept is a 6-seater shooting-cross developed by Human Horizons. The exterior design was originally inspired by Human Horizons H, U, and A concepts.

  • Aesthetically, Human Horizon's design philosophy shares common ground with all the great fine arts such as painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, etc. It seeks to touch people's hearts by capturing light or interacting with light.

    The HiPhi 1 explores new motion aesthetics with "dynamic light"- It was a source of inspiration in an attempt to capture the exquisiteness of light, rather than the build up of volumes.

    Light responds to surface convergence and contraction. A moment of equilibrium emerged within a never-ending movement of rotation.
    The designer is like a conductor of light. A whole new species emerges once the shadow and light have been cast onto the surfaces highlighting the essence of the HiPhi 1.