• Safeway Headquarters located in the San Francisco Bay Area is no stranger to the food truck hype that is happening all up and down the west coast and over much of the rest of the country. Gourmet food trucks are quick and easy and provide customers with something more then the run of the mill hot dog and fries. In keeping with the trends of today, Safeway enlisted us to help create a food truck that would travel to events all down the coast giving samples and snacks from their brands out to potential and current customers for free. It's a new spin on in store sampling that brings it to the consumers.
    Many rounds of concepts were explored but after we found the artist Adhemas Batista, we knew the look we wanted. A cornucopia of colors, shapes and food, almost creating their own smells and invoking exotic tastes. We were excited to work with this world renown illustrator and lucky to have him bring our sketches to life creating an exciting project.
    Project: Safeway Food Truck
    Art Director: Tom Bosch, Mike Halvorsen