• DeProgram 2012 project: The brief for this project was to use the letters in our name and to come with with positive and negative words that related to that letter—then go out into the city and find things that correlated with those words. 

    For my words:
    J: Jocose | Jachten (dutch for hasty)
    A: Adventurer | Acerbic
    C: Connoisseur | Choosy
    O: Optimistic | Oversensitive
    B: Biker | Belated
  • Here's a translation for those of you don't that don't speak dutch:

    The colors blend together I think I'm hungry. 
    (Stupid tourist who cannot make up his mind)

    I (heart) brick roads.
    (God, what an annoying racket his bell is making!)

    The wind energizes my dreams.
    (Look how silly he looks playing with bubbles)

    My brother gives me renewed appreciation for life.
    (He has a great smile.)

    I promise I'll be there soon!
    (Why is he in such a rush?)

    Am I lost?
    (Do you have a question?)

    I should have worn shorts.
    (He must be a tourist, and he is not prepared for the weather).

    Will they understand me?
    (Let's speak secrets about him!)

    Lastly, I would not be who I am today if it weren't for my brother. He's constantly with me on this journey and I think about him often. The mood for the piece reflected this, as where ever I am—I am thinking about home and the people I love.