Compact Mirrorless Camera Design & Product Animation

  • Year

    KeyShot Training Camera
    From 2016-2019, I was a Global Training Specialist at Luxion Inc, the makers of KeyShot. MY job was to travel to various teams of designers and engineers and teach them how to use KeyShot rendering software at a professional level. To aid training, I created a 3D model of a compact mirrorless camera. This model would be used during the sessions I taught.

    I wanted to fuse modern mirrorless camera technology that Sony has been known for lately with the heritage of the hand-made Leica SLR cameras which feature a minimal design. This design boasts a strong silhouette that prominently features a utilitarian handle instead of the traditional fabric camera strap. 

  • Animation
    While this 3D model was intentionally created to teach others how to use KeyShot's animation tools, I never meant to create a high-resolution animation with it. This is why the fasteners and internal components aren't fully detailed. I had so much fun creating the animation, I forgot to add all the internal detail and when I noticed this, it was too late to go back and add the details. So, we'll say... magnets. It's held together with technology and magnets. Yeah, that sounds good. Enjoy some screenshots below of the animation process in KeyShot. 
  • Audio
    I really wanted to bring this piece to life with some custom sound design. Through a mutual friend, I got connected to Zac and Marcus. Marcus created an original score and Zac did the sound design and engineering on the whole piece. They're two seriously talented guys and a joy to work with. It was really rewarding collaborating with these two. I owe them a huge thanks. 
  • Credit
    Kalen Emsley - Photo from
    Will Gibbons - Design, Modeling, Animation, Rendering, Post