Switcheroo Smart Plug - Product Design & Animation

  • Year

    Switcheroo App-Free Smart Plug
    In 2015, I provided industrial design, user interface and product visualization services to Switcheroo to launch their first product. The creator of Swticheroo, Mike Neilson identified a need to sync multiple devices that would be plugged into his parents' wall outlets without re-wiring the house. He didn't want anything that relied on bluetooth or wifi or a smart device. The result was a simple device that uses radio frequency and a simple mechanical dial to sync devices. As long as two or more Switcheroos are set to the same send/recieve channel, they will be in sync.

    Design Features
    - Recessed face to protect the device from furniture
    - Doesn't block other outlet plugs
    - Dual plug to add capacity to wall receptacle

    Form Exploration
    It wouldn't be a product design project with lots of messy sketches, right? After trying lots of options, we ended up going with the simplest solution that would offer what we needed. 
  • Preliminary Renderings
    To provide my client with a clear vision of what he could expect the final concept to look like, I created a simple model in Solidworks and renderings produced with KeyShot. While the final product didn't feature an embossed logo in the top, the renderings were a near perfect match to the final prototype and eventually the production units. 
  • Stylized Renderings
    I played around with some less conventional lighting setups for the following set of images. I wanted to inject some fun in a pretty utilitarian device. The success of these images is debatable, but I did enjoy making them. Let me know if you don't like them down below. 
  • Production
    What's cool, is this is the first product I designed that's gone into production and I've got a U.S. Design Patent for it. It was successfully funded on KickStarter, then became available on Amazon.com for purchase. Buy it here if you want one!