Fallen Short Narrative Animation

  • Year

    Fallen Short Film
    Fallen is a narrative short film that takes us into a child’s cozy, safe bedroom, but we’re soon reminded of the burdens and cost of war. It was made to honor those who’ve served in the armed forces.

    The Story
    I chose to use the toys on a boy's bedroom shelf as metaphorical and literal imagery. The two biggest influences on this project were A Toy Story and Saving Private Ryan, two films that I have a love for. 
  • Process
    I took it upon myself to model every asset used in this animation. The only 3D data I didn't create are the toy soldiers. My friend Andrew Bougie used a 3D scanner to capture those bits of data. Everything was modeled in Fusion 360. I eventually ran into some software limitations using that package for this project. After modeling everything in Fusion 360, I used KeyShot for materials, lighting and animation and Premiere Pro for final editing.

    Toy Soldier Scans: Andrew Bougie