YETI - Custom Munny

  • YETI
    Custom Munny
  • I've been a fan of vinyl toys ever since I picked up my first one (a Friends With You in Dunny Series 5). It's been a few years & I've acquired quite a few. In fact, I can't really go into a place that sells them without picking one up. Anyway, I've always been kind of bad at customs. But today I decided that I would make this one right. The myth of the Yeti / Sasquatch / Bigfoot has always interested me so it was a logical place to go from. I decided felt would be a nice idea for the fur, and a liberty-spiked mohawk came in the munny's package so I cut off one spike for a horn. With a little paint, hot glue, & clay then this guy was lookin' pretty handsome. Add a furry hat & some fluff to set the scene, and this munny is done! Hope you enjoy.