• OV-1: Operational Viewpoint.
    High Level Operational Concept Graphics
    Artificial Intelligence Systems to maintain adversary overmatch.
    AI - assisted Future Battlefield Concept 
    ( formerly called "Project Quarterback” ) The Future of Tank Warfare.

    Gathering, processing & synchronizing all the relevant data from sensors, drones, lidar, radar, ground robots, satellites, cameras mounted in soldier goggles, etc., to identify possible threats and then output the best strategy for taking out the enemy(s) with whatever weapons available. Aggregating threat data informs & accelerates commanders better and faster to understand exactly what’s on the battlefield, inform decisions then select the most appropriate strategy based on the available assets. Utilizing autonomy, while maintaining human accountability in the loop, anticipate enemy actions & mitigate threats to reduce human casualties.

    Predictive Analytics.  Algorithmic Warfare
    Machine Learning Infrastructure - Big Data “See - Reason - Search”
    Assisted target recognition system.  Identify “Threat Actors"

    Joint All-Domain Operations Command & Control - Utilizing all resources to identify potential threats, engage & sustain relative advantage.

    The Future of Army Readiness  
    Adapting to changing conditions 
    Evolving Combat Technology

    "Protect the Warfighter Network”