Bear Naked Granola – Winteractive

    Bear Naked is a 10-year-old all-natural granola company with a loyal but small U.S. following. Though loaded with nuts and whole grains, Bear Naked granola was not regarded by consumers as an “energy food.” In the hearts and minds of our target, granola was filler — a yogurt topping at best. We had to convince consumers that Bear Naked granola is a credible energy source for their active lifestyle. And do it on a small budget during winter — the most inactive time of year for our audience.
    How to make an energy play in a crowded space? We declared Bear Naked the Official Fuel of Winter Fun and remade into an immersive long-scrolling playground. An illustrated mountain scene came alive with skiers, boarders, bears and other life forms as visitors scrolled on and on. Throughout the site, they discovered hidden messages, sent friends a "Wintervention," interacted with product, shared winter advice via video and ultimately got rewarded for their engagement. Visitors were also asked to "like" the brand in order to see a "product test run" — a Bear Naked associate outrunning a "Snowball Gauntlet" on video. Within two weeks of launch, the goal of 10,000 additional "likes" was met. Three weeks after launch, an additional 20,000 "likes" had been counted.
  • Test of Energeticalness