Hospital Gown

  • Hospital Gown Design
    Sponsored Studio Project at College For Creative Studies 2011
    Top Design - Future Development copyright 2011
  • Redesign the Hospital Gown to Fit the needs of the patient, physician, and hospital. The gown redesign, meets the current price point of the current hospital gown, while tending to the needs of the patient, providing comfort, helping to improve their mental and physical well being. The gown provides access for the doctors and caretakers, to monitor the patients  during emergencies but during daily  routines without dealing with the hassle of cutting apart poorly tied nots. 

    This was originally a group project, designed and produced by myself (Frantz Mondesir), Patrick Houin and Callie Clark. What you are viewing is my portion of the project, from graphic design, sketches, renderings and layouts.
  • Sketches, Figure Renderings, and strory telling, all done by Frantz Mondesir
  • Each prototype Mock-Up gown was sewn by our own hands.
  • Final Concept sewn by Callie Clark.